Prank Videos

Top 5 Failure Ever For Sex Tape Pranks and Reality

1.Crazy SEX TAPE Prank!!!:

D&B nation has more than 16 lakhs subscribers and more than 208 lakhs views on this particular video only, shows the excitement among the people regarding their pranks. There are always famous for the best free funny videos online. However, this particular video got a little bit extra criticism by the viewers which still didn’t affect the numbers. This video is truly a failed attempt of making a sex tape.

2. Jenna Marbles Sex Tape Failed

A new channel under the name of Gotcha bounty hunters has come up with a new style of doing pranks. Their first idea of doing the prank is on the trending topic of failed sex tape prank in their own style.

3.Super Crazy Sex In a Car Prank!!!:

If you are the subscriber or follower of this channel which is known as pranks world. Derek is one of the main lead who plays a prank on his wife and friends but this time one of his friend along with his wife played a prank on him. Just watch what happens after that.

4. Make Love Funny Fail – Having Sex Funny Fails Due To Vibrator:

I won’t say that it is one among the most funniest videos I have ever seen. Unlike the title here there is no failed attempt in making the sex tape. A weird but comic video which has approx. sixty lakh views. Logic is not needed when you want to laugh and in this video, there is no logic at all.


5. Joker and Harley Quinn Sex Tape Fail:

The video will not bring laugh but yeah few smiles will be there. It is one of the most viral videos on YouTube with more than 4 lakh views. They have given a real face to the Harley Quinn as well as joker’s character of the famous American comic “Batman by DC Comics”. There is no sex just the idea of it.


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